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Amardeep Tandal is a self-taught artist who has been captivated by creativity since childhood. With a versatile approach to art, she skillfully utilizes various media like oil, acrylics and watercolours to bring her imagination to life. Her talent has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades in art competitions since a young age. Notably, her artistry earned her an honourable mention from the City of Vaughan and her artwork has been showcased at Gallery 35 and the Rose Theatre in Brampton. She has also been entrusted with the creation of custom pieces for both private collections and public spaces. A resident of Brampton, Amardeep is brimming with energy, constantly seeking new inspiration and experimenting with different techniques to refine her craft. To her, art is not just a passion but a healing and meditative process. Hence, her work draws a great deal of inspiration from nature and spirituality.

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Greenvolution of Brampton

"Greenvolution is where green initiatives and city evolution come together. This painting shows Brampton as a sustainably developed city with nature blending perfectly into a modern cityscape. From tall buildings lighting up the night sky using renewable energy, green areas to support the urban biodiversity, to innovative technology supporting urban transportation, the artwork takes the viewers to a green future for Brampton."