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Amreen Kullar is a second gen queer South Asian filmmaker from Brampton. Within independent film, they specialize in cinematography and editing, while their written work focuses on spoken word and media critique. Kullar graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University with a BA in Media Production and a minor in Film Studies. They have since worked on numerous commercial campaigns and TV shows in documentary, reality, and narrative spaces. Their indie shorts have played at over a dozen film festivals, most recently DPing an Official Selection at the 27th Fantasia International Film Festival and Breakthroughs Film Festival in 2023. Kullar is driven by social causes and strives to create content that leaves audiences questioning their preconceived notions.

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On Resistance and Dreaming

"Originally this was a longer format piece photographed and written amidst the Covid lockdown but I wanted to adapt it in a different way. I share it with the hope that my words can prompt some re-thought and empowerment for the people of Brampton. That before we complain about our city, may we bask in its resilience. May we bask in our communal joy and ability to resist assimilation. In the unique experiences we hold, growing up with so much sustained culture and language and food. In the ways that we are also so fortunate. That dreamers are born here."