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Residing in Brampton, Chelsea Charles is a freelance illustrator with a BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College. She creates digital work with traditional charm. She has built a career illustrating everything from sports stars and actors to political concepts. Beyond her work, she finds solace listening to music, sharing playful moments with her cat Charcoal and dog Stokley, all the while daydreaming of travelling to Japan.

Her work has been shown in: Scotiabank, Sportsnet, TVO, The Walrus, Canada's History: Kayak Magazine, ESPN, Zora, The Washington Post, Globe and Mail, LA Times, THIS Magazine, Refinery29, Christian Century, Cold Open, CBC, Kids Footlocker, TripAdvisor, Toronto Metropolitan University, NBC News, Reader’s Digest.

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A Springtime Escape

A Springtime Escape illustrates how alive the City of Brampton becomes in the arrival of spring. Coming out of a cold winter, a young girl is immersed in vibrant colours, the warmth and glow of the sun, freshly bloomed flowers and a fluttering butterfly. The scene is set outside of a local school where the artist often spent most of her time during the spring and summer months as a young kid. The illustration explores the feeling of finding solace and renewal amidst a busy city.