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As an emerging digital artist, my focus is on creating abstract expressionistic
paintings. I chose this style of art because it allows me to express my feelings and
imagination. I am not constrained to specific rules and each art piece is subjective. There is enough room for each viewer to add their own interpretation.

I would describe my art process as experimental in nature. I start with a blank mind and allow my imagination to be my guide. As I play around with different brushes and techniques, something of value emerges. This makes the process even more exciting.

I discovered my passion for art from the age of 12. At this stage, the materials I used were made up of only two items, graphite pencil and paper. I then went on to become a fashion designer and won third place in my first fashion contest in the Bahamas. In late 2010, my family and I moved to Canada, and though I did not continue my professional pursuits in the field of art, I continued to work in the background, developing this skill. Thus far, I've participated in several art workshops offered by the Brampton Arts Organization such as: Professional Practices for Artists, and Artist Statements & Bios, etc. I've also branched off into writing and illustrating children's books.

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Brampton is growing and booming. It is an exciting time to be a resident of Brampton. This piece captures the path that Brampton is on which is growth made possible through people of various backgrounds working together.

Geese are known for their loyalty. They do not leave their own kind behind. I thought it was the perfect animal to add to the piece as it strengthens and showcases the theme of "community."

The ladder symbolizes progression. We are building upon what the past generations have started and creating an even better future for generations to come.