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Gurdeep Singh is a visual artist who immigrated from India in 2019 and settled in Brampton. He has held several solo shows of his painting in cities around the world, including Delhi, San Diego, New York, Mumbai and Munich in addition to participating in over 100 group shows around the world. He earned his MFA in painting from College of Art New Delhi in 2001 and BFA from College of Art Chandigarh. His works are found in many private collections including the ESSL Museum Vienna Austria.

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This work is done in Brampton. Though abstract in representation, it reflects the subconscious effect of ongoing constant transformation of the city from open lands transforming into the human habitats of houses and skyscrapers.

The sweeps of colours represent speed and rapid transformation of the city as the land and water sources are transformed in order for various communities to come together and live. However, such change is not limited to physical reality; it is also mental.