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Kaveri Sehgal is a visual artist and an art educator, passionate about exploring various mediums of painting and printmaking. With a strong foundation in India, they currently call Brampton, Canada their abode.

Having obtained a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Government College of Art, Chandigarh, India, Sehgal's artistic style is guided by an intuitive approach and a strong belief in creative flow. For over three years they been dedicated to art education, imparting my skills, knowledge and love for art and craft to aspiring artists.

Their artworks are a celebration of nature. Its elements, especially its flowers, remain the primary source of inspiration for all their artistic endeavours.

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Brampton Blossoms

With this artwork I have tried to capture the essence of Brampton’s community that represents harmony and unity. Taking inspiration from Brampton's nickname, 'The Flower City,' this artwork depicts children of various backgrounds playing in a flourishing garden.

As an educator, I've personally seen the unity among Brampton's young generation, highlighting their importance as the leaders of tomorrow.