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Kiran Rai, also known by her creator name KayRay, is an actor, storyteller and director based out of Toronto. Throughout the past decade, Kiran has used her platform to primarily focus on addressing taboos within the South Asian community through short films, documentaries and digital series. Her short films Ananke (garnered over 1 million views on YouTube) and Haneri have gone on screening tours around the world and have often been used by university and college curriculums and student organizations as a reference tool. This led her to co-produce and star in 28 episodes of the hit web-series, Anarkali. The Brown Bachelorette, the parody web-series which Kiran starred, co-wrote and directed, helped cultivate her comedic screenwriting. Through her satirical yet didactic content she has been able to create meaningful and critical dialogue through her work. She is now the co-founder of The Kollective, a BIPOC-focused creative agency that aims to create opportunities for artists while supporting smaller businesses with branding strategies. With her talk show Cha Da Cup With KayRay now airing on Brit Asia TV, her work continues to be recognized by the likes of Vogue, The Toronto Star, NBC News, BBC, CBC and Cosmo India.

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New City - Nawanshahr - ਨਵਾਂ ਸ਼ਹਿਰ

Founded by settlers migrating from nearby towns and pre-partition Punjab. Countless souls have found home on this land between two rivers. This series captures the expression of fashion in places they call home. all rooted from new city to now, in a new country.

Our goal was to capture the essence, the style, and the coolness that our parents and elders would carry in their day-to-day. Ways in which they adapted to their new homes. We wanted to catch them in their element, in their potential. I grew up with my family, many of which are blue-collared workers, obsessing over the latest streetwear brands and expressing themselves so boldly through it. A lot of my style inspiration is derived from their closets. How we communicate is how we present ourselves. To be able to create a new culture for ourselves, one that allows us to blend it into our lives seamlessly. It’s important to see imagery like this to know these brands can be for us as well. this is what we imagine as the future for Brampton. I served as Creative Director, in collaboration with Baljit Singh (photographer), Gagan Bassi (stylist).