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Kristopher Robinson is a lifestyle and street photographer based in Brampton. He grew up in the GTA and received a Diploma in Communications from Humber College. When not travelling between the many cities in the Greater Toronto Area, he spends most of his time between Brampton and Mississauga.

He has worked extensively with publications such as Vice and Noisey, as well as American recording artist Kid Cudi.

Kristopher has always been appreciated for his stylistic approach to his subject matter while bringing nostalgia in everything - be it suits walking down the street, cityscapes on travel assignments, or chasing that golden hour sun. With a rougher and freeform photographic style, he aims to create photos that spark wistfulness.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

"This photo depicts children playing without a care in the world. As the world watched over them it’s almost like the end of times but they don’t mind even if this is their final moments, as long as they spend it with joy and happiness in their hearts."