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Narmada Murugarajan is a Brampton-based artist who primarily works in the area of photography and painting. Her work explores the genres of landscape, nature, and identity. Her mission is to showcase the beauty of Canada and inspire people to admire the world around them.

She is studying Human Resources Management while minoring in Arts, Media, Performance, and Design at York University.

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Brampton in Pixels

"Brampton in Pixels features various locations, landscapes, flora, and fauna from Brampton. Some of the locations are Heart Lake Conservation Park, Loafer's Lake, Chinguacousy Park, and Gore Meadows Community Centre & Library. The photos in this collage have been taken over the past few years. I arranged them to symbolize the beauty of this city while also featuring landscapes that mean a lot to me. The clock symbolizes the past, present, and future of Brampton. It is a way to show how we must pause for a second in each day to admire the city around us."