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Neha Ray is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator based in the GTA. She has a bachelor's degree in illustration from Sheridan College, where she received the FAAD award. She creates digital and traditional illustrations while exploring textile work like crocheting and sewing. Neha's illustrations are very stylized with vibrant colours and usually feature strong and stylish women as the focal point. Her work incorporates her Indo-Fijian heritage while she explores fashion, femininity, pop culture and music. She has worked with publications like Brookfield Institute + WEKH, Galdem Magazine and Refinery29 Canada. She has recently branched into public art, with her latest works being a traffic box wrap and window vinyl illustrations that breathe life into the Brampton landscape with vibrant hues and imaginative imagery.

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"This piece is one of six illustrations I completed for the Brampton tourism office. It was a part of the Main Street storefront activation project in which I was lucky participate. This illustration highlights one of the four pillars of Brampton Tourism, which is the sports tourism sector. It showcases the diverse range of clubs, facilities, and a particularly prominent cricket community, and the diverse community that you see at these events."