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A Brampton artist, with a love for the creative and restorative impact of making art using fabric, fibre, thread and beads to show her inner creative soul, Sandra Gilmer believes that creative endeavour also helps to mold and mend mind and body, bringing positive energy and focus to all aspects of her life. Life experiences, and now retirement and health challenges have helped to mold and direct her creative activity with only a final question for myself - Are We There Yet?

A long time (50 year) Brampton resident, who has lived a full life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and artist, Gilmer is now retired after a corporate position in the Supply Chain Management area. She has been a long-time volunteer with leadership skills in many corporate/career activities (Board of Director positions at the local, provincial and federal professional association level), her local faith community (leadership in my local women's group), her local quilting guild (executive and leadership at the guild) and now recently with the William Osler Patient and Family Advisory Committee (to give back after her recent treatment experiences at Brampton Civic Hospital). She endeavours to always bring her A game to any volunteer activities where there is a need to share her skills to help a significant cause and activity. These activities may or may not involve art, but art is always something that restores her soul and fills her tank to allow her the energy for other activities as well.

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Are We There Yet

"This is an art quilt project that came as a result of a 'creative challenge' through and with members of the Brampton Quilters' Guild Inc. The challenge: 'use three new techniques/skills demonstrated by 'members teaching members'.' Put on your thinking cap to incorporate these techniques into a quilted project.'"