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Tom Khuu, a proud Chinese Canadian and longtime resident of Brampton, has dedicated the past 17 years to shaping young minds as a Visual Arts Educator with the Peel District School Board. His educational journey began in Brampton, where he attended both elementary and secondary school, which lay the foundation for his commitment to fostering creativity in others.

Tom further honed his artistic skills by enrolling in the Art and Art History Program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Additionally, he pursued Advertising and Graphic Design at Humber College, broadening his expertise in the visual arts.

Beyond the classroom, Tom is an artist with a passion for photography, capturing the beauty that inspires his creative endeavours. His love for exploration extends to travel, providing him with diverse perspectives and enriching his artistic vision.

In the midst of his artistic pursuits and educational endeavours, Tom cherishes quality time with his nephew and niece, finding joy and inspiration in the simple moments shared with family.

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Floral Symphony: Watercolour Inkblot

"Floral Symphony: Watercolour Inkblot" is a celebration of everyday florals, inspired by the beauty found in home bouquets, gardens and neighbourhood walks. The creative process starts with photography, exploring the flowers from various angles. Dynamic ink blots emerge through the use of liquid watercolour, creating an abstract canvas for artistic expression. Using a variety of markers, each flower is carefully illustrated, resulting in a burst of beauty and harmony reminiscent of a fireworks display.