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Warren Hoyano is an artist living in Brampton. His work in watercolour, paper sculpture, text and installation has been exhibited in public and private galleries for more than 20 years. In the medium of watercolour, Hoyano works in a larger size than is common and he chooses not to display beneath glass and frame. Freed of these restrictions, the artist can more fully utilize the attributes of paper by folding, crumpling, tearing and repairing its surface. Hoyano is self-taught.

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Folded Pieces Series

This is an abstract watercolour on paper. It is of a larger size than most works in the medium. There have been many applications of pigment, some in the form of line-work and mark making, others as washes and drips. The surface is creased and rough. The edges of the paper are uneven and torn. Collage with watercolour paper form an irregular pattern on the surface of the work. It is intended to be displayed unframed and not beneath glass.