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Kimberley Popoff, a proud Brampton native, embodies the spirit of her beloved city through her artistic endeavours. Born in 1967, Kimberley has been deeply rooted in Brampton for nearly her entire life. Amidst her bustling routine of work, sports, classes, and nurturing friendships, Kimberley discovered her passion for creativity early on.

In 2018, Kimberley embarked on a dedicated journey into the enchanting world of watercolour painting. Since then, she has devoted herself to honing her craft, with a particular focus on capturing the timeless allure of Brampton's historic architecture. Her paintings breathe life into the quaint streets and majestic buildings that hold a special place in the hearts of Bramptonians.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Kimberley is a devoted wife and mother, with two young adult children. Their home in downtown Brampton serves as both a sanctuary and a wellspring of inspiration for Kimberley's artistic expression.

With each stroke of her brush, Kimberley Popoff not only preserves the rich heritage of her hometown but also celebrates the cherished bonds of family and community that define her life in Brampton.

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Carnegie Library

"In a mesmerizing watercolor portrayal, Brampton's Carnegie Library comes to life with a delicate fusion of history and artistic flair. Cascading washes of cerulean and sepia evoke a sense of timelessness, while intricate details capture the library's architectural grandeur. Each stroke meticulously conveys the building's Victorian charm, from its ornate facade to the intricate stone carvings adorning its entrance. Soft shadows dance across the paper, imbuing the scene with a serene ambiance. Through the artist's hand, the library becomes more than just a structure; it becomes a testament to the beauty of heritage and the enduring spirit of community."