​​​Parking Considerations

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The City of Bram​pton does not offer permit parking on City stree​​​ts.

Parking is not permitted:​

  • on any street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.,
  • on any street for longer than 3 hours; and
  • on a residential street if your vehicle has a height of more than 2.6m and/or a length of more than 6.7m including any attachments or trailers.

The City of Brampton accepts requests for parking considerations by residents to park on City streets for as long as 14 days each calendar year, per vehicle licence plate. The parking consideration allows vehicles to park in excess of three hours and/or between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. It also allows large vehicles designed for recreational use to park on the street. View a list of common parking offences​ which are not covered by a parking consideration.

Winter Information

Remember that a parking consideration will not prevent you from getting a ticket for obstructing snow clearing or road maintenance operations. Your vehicle may be tagged and/or towed even if you have obtained a parking consideration. In addition, parking considerations will not be issued during winter weather events.

The City strictly prohibits you from parking a large motor vehicle on streets in Brampton. A "large vehicle" shall mean any motor vehicle having an overall height greater than 2.6 metres or overall length greater than 6.7 metres or combination of both. External attachments to the vehicle are included in the measurement of height and length. If you obtained a parking consideration to allow you to park on the street for a vehicle larger than this, your parking consideration will not be in effect.

Recreational vehicle owners

A parking consideration can be obtained for a large vehicle which is designed for recreational use. This includes motor homes or vehicles which are towing trailers with a recreational vehicle. Parking considerations can be obtained for 14 days each calendar year, per licence plate. If parking a vehicle on the street with an attached recreational trailer both the licence plate of the vehicle, and the licence plate of the trailer must obtain a parking consideration. Large vehicles designed for recreational use require a valid parking consideration before the vehicle is parked on the street. Detached trailers found parked on the street are not eligible for a parking consideration and will be ticketed. All other parking offences will be enforced.

Inoperative, immobile or unlicensed vehicle owners

The City strictly prohibits the parking of a vehicle which is inoperative, immobile or unlicensed. If your vehicle is unable to be safely operated (i.e. has a flat tire) or does not have current and valid licence plates affixed to the vehicle your consideration will not be in effect.