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An advocate for social change and representation, MoonShine as an artist aims to use her academic and professional work experience to help highlight individual growth and empowerment. She has successfully delivered public projects and programming which emphasize her goals to educate and inform. MoonShine draws upon her creative abilities to synthesize the awareness of social issues and well-being with artistic expression. With a multitude of artistic mediums combined with an education in the humanities, MoonShine's work is a strong candidate for non-profit, social change, and educational organizations.

A multi-media artist who aims to evoke social change through her art, MoonShine uses her educational background and passion for women and gender studies to challenge social norms and ideologies. Her work brings awareness to social injustice, stigmas, and personal growth. MoonShine is dedicated to 'people' and looks to create meaningful artwork for all to connect. She has a strong desire to be an active member of the art community which fuels my career goals and artistic initiatives.

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Des Pardes

ਦੇਸ ਪਰਦੇਸ (Des Pardes) is an homage to the Punjabi generations that came to Brampton. This artwork painted onto a traditional ਘੜਾ (earthenware clay pot) symbolizes the ways in which Brampton radiates with Punjabi culture and how it has been passed down generations. Community gathering areas like the ਸੱਥ (sath) are seen through Brampton parks. Traditions like learning to tie a turban or sew are passed down through generations and farming is kept sacred through our food. The paintings represent important aspects of the Punjabi culture which transcend overseas as a part of their new life.