Busking means to play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in designated locations (mainly sidewalks and storefronts).

The City of Brampton invites Buskers annually to animate the streets during public markets and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

How to apply?

Applicants must review the guidelines, complete an application form ​and submit an audition video link/audition in person with Economic Development and Culture Office at the main floor of Brampton City Hall or by email at markets@brampton.ca. To apply, applicants must pay the appropriate application fee to the City Cashiers Office and take a picture at the Service Brampton kiosk.

Where can a busker perform?

Buskers may only perform at designated locations as listed below:
  • Brampton Farmers' Market
  • Mount Pleasant Village Night Market

How long are permits valid?

Permits are issued year-round. Permits issued are valid between June 1st - November 30th. You must have your permit and City photo identification card available to show, staff, City bylaw officers or a member of the Peel Regional Police, on request.


Buskers must not obstruct:

  • Sidewalks, load-in and out areas.
  • Transit stops, postal boxes.
  • Driveways, building entrances or exits, display windows or fire hose connections.
  • The pedestrian flow of traffic.
  • Permanently mark or damage pavement or use spray paint.
  • Pose any risk to the public (equipment, props, or performance type).
  • Solicit donations; however unsolicited donations are permitted in a receptacle such as a musical instrument case, box, or hat.

Buskers must:

  • Be a minimum 16 years of age.
  • Maximum number of performers must not exceed 3 members.
  • All performances must be suitable for a general family audience rating. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.
  • Buskers are permitted to sell goods directly related to their busking (i.e. CDs, artwork). In the case of visual artists, a maximum of 3 completed items may be brought and displayed. All other works must be created while busking on site.
  • Be at least 15 meters from an intersection
  • Perform on public property only.
  • Respect the right of businesses to operate without undue disturbance by entertainers outside their premises.
  • Exhibit good conduct and character while performing (no nudity, swearing, performing while intoxicated, etc.).
  • Abide by all municipal by-laws and all federal and provincial statutes and regulations while performing.


  • Buskers must provide their own form of amplification (motorized generator), use of hydro from light standards is not permitted. If unable to provide their own form of amplification, buskers may opt to play acoustically.
  • The sound level must be reasonable, within limits set in City by-laws and intended for an audience within 25 feet.
  • If neighbouring businesses or residents complain about the sound level, it must be lowered.
  • Equipment, cables and cords must meet current safety standards. Cords or other equipment must not cross roadway or pedestrian pathways or in any way interfere with the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians.
  • The City reserves the right to disconnect any equipment that is likely to cause injury or damage.

Please note:

  • Musical buskers must perform 50 meters distance from other musical acts
  • Artwork cannot advertise any commercial business or product
  • Generators, amplifiers or sounds systems are not permitted
  • Repeated failure to comply with these conditions will result in the permit being revoked.
  • Failure to display a valid Busker ID or follow these guidelines may result in your permit being revoked.

For any inquiries please email markets@brampton.ca.