​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Garden Suite is an Additional Residential Units (ARU) ancillary to a single detached, semi-detached, or street townhouse units, that is located in a building detached from the principal dwelling and located in the rear or interior side yard, and which may be freestanding or attached to a detached private garage.

The Custom Home – Garden Suites review application will consider the following:

  • Architectural Control Review
  • Zoning compliance​
  • Grading, servicing and site drainage

Architectural Control, zoning compliance and engineering review is required for new Garden Suites prior to submitting a building permit application. Urban Design staff will review the submission to assist with the design of the garden suites so that it can confor​​​​​​m to the City of Brampton Garden Suite guidelines and City-wide Development Design Guidelines. Zoning staff will review the proposal for compliance with the applicable zoning – bylaw. Development Engineering staff will review and approve the site servicing and grading plan. When the review is complete, Urban Design staff will provide an Architectural Control Review stamp on the final elevations and Development Engineering staff will provide instructions to the applicant on obtaining the approved engineering plans and paying the grading securities. A fee of $500 is required as per User Fee (Municipal Act) By-law 380-2003.

To apply, a Garden Suites Review Application form should be submitted with the required drawings in accordance with the submission requirements for Garden Suites Review.

For more information please contact: GardenSuites.Review@brampton.ca