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City of Brampton unveils Corporate Strategic Plan 2024

​BRAMPTON, ON ​​ – The City of Brampton is proud to present the Corporate Strategic Plan 2024, which encompasses the ideas, values and aspirations of the people of Brampton. The Plan charts the City’s path forward, helping prioritize and deliver what is most important to the community. 

The Strategic Plan prioritizes six focus areas:   

Health & Well-Being  

  • ​Focusing on citizens’ belonging, health, wellness and safety.  

Culture & Diversity  

  • ​Focusing on cultural diversity, cross-cultural understanding and supporting artistic expression and production.  

Growing Urban Centres & Neighbourhoods  

  • ​Focusing on an economy that thrives with communities that are strong and connected.  

Transit & Connectivity  

  • ​Focusing on transportation and a connected infrastructure that is safe, convenient, efficient and sustainable.  

Environmental Resilience & Sustainability  

  • ​​Focusing on nurturing and protecting our environment for a sustainable future.  

Government & Leadership  

  • Focusing on service excellence with equity, innovation, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency.  

The development of the Plan began in 2022 with consultations, collaborations and inputs from Council, the community and City staff. It is a living plan grounded by six focus areas to guide the City’s work through the 2022-2026 Term of Council and toward the outcomes of the Brampton 2040 Vision. The Plan sets clear objectives, timelines and costs and will influence budgets, strategies and services. 

The City thanks the residents and businesses who provided invaluable feedback that has been pivotal in shaping the Plan.   

Next Steps  

The Plan will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect changing priorities and external influences, with a full evaluation in 2025, ensuring it remains aligned with the needs of Brampton’s residents and businesses.    

Learn More  

Read the full details of our Corporate Strategic Plan on the City’s website at    

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"I am proud to present our Corporate Strategic Plan—a compass that navigates us toward a future built on the foundation of our community's aspirations. With a focus on health, diversity, urban growth, connectivity, sustainability and effective governance, this plan reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive city. Together, we will turn vision into action, ensuring Brampton continues to flourish as a place where every resident's voice is heard and every dream is within reach. Our focus is people and our Plan is about people."  
Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton 
“On behalf of the Corporate Leadership Team, I am proud to present the City of Brampton’s Corporate Strategic Plan. Well planned and flourishing communities understand the importance of a long-term vision to guide and inform decision-making and resource management. We are committed to achieving the goals set out in the Plan and will be providing regular updates to the community to track our progress and efforts.”  
Marlon Kallideen, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton ​

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