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City of Brampton invites local creatives to transform community spaces through the My Neighbourhood Art Project

​BRAMPTON, ON— Building on the success of the neighbourhood beautification pilot project launched in 2023, the City of Brampton is calling for local artists to apply to be a part of the My Neighbourhood Art Project. This initiative, aimed at activating, revitalizing and transforming community spaces through the power of public art, will add to the beauty of the city, creating more dynamic and vibrant spaces.

Through the My Neighbourhood Art Project, the City is adding to its collection of more than 50 temporary and permanent public art installations and is seeking artists to create community-engaged, temporary public artwork. Selected artists will have a unique opportunity to shape public spaces and contribute to the community's identity through collaborative and impactful temporary public art projects. At each site, the City will offer artist-led workshops, tailored to the interests of the local community. The ideas and artwork generated in these workshops will be used to inspire the larger art installation. Artists will also create opportunities to include residents in creating a larger public art piece, such as a mural, through a community paint day.

As a part of Brampton’s Culture Master Plan, the My Neighbourhood Art Project contributes to the City’s ongoing commitment to enhance public spaces and promote creative expression. By collaborating with local artists, the City aims to create vibrant, dynamic spaces that reflect the diverse backgrounds and heritages that make up the community.

To see last year’s neighbourhood beautification projects and to learn more about the My Neighbourhood Art Project, visit​.

How to apply 

All artists with a passion for community engagement, a flair for public art and an interest in joining Brampton’s roster of creative collaborators are invited to apply. 

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until all roster spaces are filled or by June 28, 2024, whichever comes first. Lead artists will be compensated up to $7,500 and assistant artists up to $2,500, for a commitment spanning the summer and early fall 2024. 

Visit​ to apply. 

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