What is Bill 108?

The Ontario government introduced Bill 108, More Homes More Choice Act, 2019 on May 2 as part of its plan to increase housing supply and affordability. The Bill proposes changes to 13 different pieces of legislation that will have a serious impact on municipalities.

The Bill may be passed as early as June 4, 2019. The Province is accepting public comments on Bill 108 until Saturday, June 1.

What does Bill 108 mean to you?

Bill 108 will have a serious impact on the City of Brampton – and on you as a resident. It will:

  • cut the financial tools available to the City to fund parks, libraries, recreation centres and other community infrastructure
  • reduce the amount of parkland in our city
  • decrease the protection of Brampton’s heritage properties
  • limit the City’s decision-making process when it comes to how we plan and develop

These changes could mean a significant tax increase for Brampton residents.

The City’s position

The City supports the goal of housing affordability, but it’s unlikely that Bill 108, as proposed, will result in an increased housing supply or more affordable housing. Given the scope of proposed changes, the 30-day commenting period is inadequate.

City Council formally requested an extension to the consultation period, and that the Province conduct meaningful consultation with municipalities and other stakeholders before the Bill is passed.


Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)

AMO's written submission to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy speaks to municipal governments’ concerns about the impacts of Bill 108 if passed as is.


Have your say

You may send your comments directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing or to your MPP:


Last updated: June 6, 2019