​​ What Applications are Required to Submit a Sustainability Score?

  • All Block Plans
  • Plans of Subdivisions of 10 units or more
  • ​"Full" Site Plans
  • Zoning By-law amendments

For Zoning By-law (ZBA) amendments, the score will be based on preliminary information available at the ZBA stage. The score will then be refined when more details become available as part of the associated Plan of Subdivision and/or Site Plan applications.

Is a ​Minimum Score Required?

Yes. All applications must achieve at minimum a Bronze score. The Sustainability Score thresholds are outlined in the table below.

Site Plan
Plan of Subdivision
Block Plan
Bronze 35 29 30
Silver 53 40 39
Gold 70 51 49

What Applications are Exempt?

  • Plans of Subdivision of 9 units or less
  • "Limited" and "Basic" Site Plans

What Needs to be Submitted as Part of a Development Application?

  • Sustainability Score (see below)
  • Sustainability Summary (see below)

How Do I Calculate the Sustainability Score?

Use the Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT) to generate the Sustainability Score.

The SAT uses a series of questions to quantify the sustainability attributes of a development application. The Sustainability Score calculated through this Tool must be submitted with your development application.

What is the Sustainability Summary?

In addition to the Sustainability Score, each application must include a Sustainability Summary, which outlines how the score was achieved and in which component study or drawing each point can be verified. The Sustainability Summary must be prepared in accordance with the Terms of Reference available here.

Some metrics require the submission of a Letter of Intent that must be submitted with your application. The Program Manual identifies which metrics require Letter of Intents, and templates for these letters are available here.

What Resources Are Available to Guide Me Through the Process?

A number of documents area available to assist applicants with measuring the sustainability of their development proposal, including: