​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Brampton approved its first Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) August 2022. The UFMP provides strategic guidance intended to maximize the environmental, social, econo​mic, and health benefits that trees provide to the community.

The UFMP is part of Brampton's Grow Green Environmental Master Plan (EMP) and one of the key initiatives addressing Brampton's 2040 Vision, Brampton’s Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (CEERP), and the target to plant one million trees in Brampton by 2040.


The urban forest is a keystone component of a healthy, sustainable, equitable and resilient community. Our policies and infrastructure are designed to support and protect trees, forest and healthy ecosystems in the urban environment. The City of Brampton recognizes that the urban forest is essential to healthy neighbourhoods, clean air and water and natural ecosystems, while creating opportunities for recreation, education and a prosperous economy.

Guiding Principles

  • Recognizing the urban forest as an essential municipal infrastructure
  • Collaboration and engagement with stakeholders
  • Developing sustainable urban forest management
  • Prioritizing preservation over replacement
  • Equitable access for all residents
  • Creating a diverse urban forestry
  • Implementing adaptive management and innovation

Strategic Goals

  • Understand – Develop a better understanding of all aspects of the urban forest and its management and utilize the knowledge and data to make better management decisions that help achieve the outcomes for the urban forest and the community.
  • Maintain – Improve the health, condition, longevity and safety of trees in Brampton’s urban forest.
  • Grow – Support the City’s commitment to planting one million trees by 2040, expand the urban forest, strengthen its resilience against a wide range of stressors and enhance its capacity to provide services to the community.
  • Protect – Protect existing trees and their growing environments against injury and destruction whenever possible through a coordinated and comprehensive approach to land use planning, development review and tree protection.
  • Engage – Encourage all members of the community to engage in urban forest stewardship on both public and private lands and build strong forest partnerships to help realize the vision for Brampton’s urban forest.

UFMP Engagement

The development of the UFMP was based on research, analysis and engagement that took place from 2020 - 2022.

The Phase 1 engagement (Fall 2020) and Phase 2 engagement (Spring 2022) involved outreach to City staff, external organizations, Brampton residents, City Council, and other existing or potential partners. Those engaged were asked for their input on challenges and opportunities related to the City’s urban forest.

The UFMP project team received over 300 survey responses and engaged with more than 60 internal and external stakeholders through virtual workshops. This input was coupled with background research and technical analysis to inform the Draft UFMP.

The following videos from Phase 1 engagement (Fall 2022) and Phase 2 engagement (Spring 2022) provides an overview about the UFMP development.​​​​​​​​​

​​​Urban Forest Management Plan​​​


​Urban Forest Art Contest Submissions

Many thanks to those who contributed to the UFMP art contest. The talent and creativity of the submissions was truly amazing!

There were more than 250 submissions, which can be viewed below. Each submission showed a unique perspective of Brampton's vibrant and diverse community through images of our urban forest.

Congratulations to our winner, Sujana Haider!

The finalists, runners-up and honourable mentions are shown below (hover over image to view text). The winning image is showcased on the cover of the UFMP and many of the images are being featured in the engagement materials and in the plan.​​

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