Heritage regulations, policies, standards and guidelines encourage and facilitate the conservation of cultural heritage resources.

The Ontario Heritage Act

The Ontario Heritage Act is the primary legislation for protecting cultural heritage in Ontario. The Act provides several ways for municipalities to help conserve cultural heritage resources, such as the designation of individual properties (Part IV), the designation of heritage conservation districts (Part V), the establishment of a heritage register, the ability to enter into heritage easement agreements.

Ontario Regulation 9/06

Ontario Regulation 9/06 establishes the criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest required for designating a property under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Planning Act

The Planning Act provides the legislative framework for land use planning in Ontario. Section 2 of the Act identifies matters of provincial interest, which includes the conservation of significant features of architectural, cultural, historical, archaeological or scientific interest.

Provincial Policy Statement

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), issued under the Planning Act, is the framework for broad, integrated and long term planning. It contains policy statements on matters of provincial interest, and provides policy direction to municipalities and approval authorities that make decisions on land use planning matters. The Act now requires that all decisions affecting land use planning matters “shall be consistent with” the Provincial Policy Statement. PPS Section 2.6 sets out cultural heritage and archaeology policies.

Peel Region Official Plan

The Region Official Plan (ROP) supports for heritage preservation and recognizes the role of heritage in developing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors to Peel. It promotes the Region's heritage and supports the area municipal heritage policies and programs. Section 3.6 outlines the Region’s cultural heritage policies.

Brampton Official Plan

The City of Brampton’s Official Plan (OP) recognizes the important role cultural heritage resources play in creating strong, livable communities. It provides a series of policies to frame and inform land use planning decisions, ensuring that significant cultural heritage resources are conserved and celebrated. Section 4.9 contains the City’s cultural heritage policies.​