​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An active and dynamic heritage outreach program fosters awareness, engages participants, and sparks discussion.

Heritage Times Newsletter

The Brampton Heritage Tim​es is an engaging annual newsletter that spotlights the heritage program of the City of Brampton. Articles are prepared by Heritage staff and members of the Brampton Heritage Board, as well as guest contributors.

Heritage Plaque Program

Heritage Plaque Program publicly identifies and celebrates the people, places and events that played an important role in the development of Brampton. The Plaque Program includes wall-mounted plaques, pedestal plaque, and panels. Keep your eyes open for the to learn about the rich history that surrounds you!

Wall-Mounted Plaques

​ The blue (designated) and red (listed) wall-mounted plaques are located on buildings throughout the city identify. They include the architectural style or significant family or individual associated with the structure, along with the date of construction.

Wall-Mounted Plaque Brochure

Pedestal Plaque

The pedestal plaques tell the story behind one specific place such as Central Public School, one of the oldest surviving public schools in downtown Brampton.


The panels tell a larger story, such as the history and importance of the flower industry in Brampton.​


Downtown Heritage Walking Tour

This engaging tour showcases downtown Bram​pton’s distinctive and vibrant built, natural and cultural heritage. The detailed, illustrated guidebook allows you to take the tour at your own pace, whether you have an hour or a full day. It provides walking directions, detailed information and amazing archival images. Pick up a free tour book at City Hall, or click on the link below.

Outreach & Marketing Sub-Committee

The Outreach and Marketing (O&M) Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Brampton Heritage Board whose primary focus is to advise and assist with programs and activities that promote cultural heritage awareness. The O&M Sub-Committee typically meets on the last Thursday of the month at 5:30pm in City Hall.


The City of Brampton proudly hosts and/or participates in various heritage-related programs and events. ​​​​