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Corporate Partnership with the City is about working together to create enhanced experiences for the Brampton community. Meet the team that will align your business goals with Brampton’s sponsorship opportunities.

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About Tara

Our team is led by Tara Hunter who has been connecting with brands and creating marketing-relating strategists for over 15 years. Her contribution to the industry has involved flawless integration of all marketing channels in creating a unique customer experience. Now, Tara is working on the corporate side of things connecting outside brands with the best possible sponsorship opportunity here at The City of Brampton. Her expertise will contribute to customizing your sponsorship goals with the programming of your city.

About Michael

Our partnerships begin with Michael Miele who has been building business relationships in Brampton for over 10 years. As a leader in strategic direction and development, Michael’s business knowledge and community partnership experience is what makes sponsoring with The City of Brampton an opportunity for connecting your business with your community.