Month of May 2015

  • Public and stakeholder consultation
  • Drafting of proposed by-law and amendments to Codes of Conduct
  • Creation of forms and processes for Lobbyist and Gift Registries
  • Consultation with Integrity Commissioner (as Lobbyist Registrar)

Early June 2015

  • Presentation to Council of proposed Lobbyist Registry and amendments to Council and Employee Codes of Conduct
  • Presentation to Council of results of public and stakeholder consultation
  • Enactment of legislative framework for both Registries

July to December 2015

  • Development and implementation of training and communication for Council members, staff, the public and stakeholders
  • Further consultation with Integrity Commissioner/Lobbyist Registrar for refinement of framework, processes and tools
  • Development of online Lobbyist Registry tools

January 2016

  • Registries fully implemented

December 2016

  • Review of Registries