Business Continuity Administrative Directive - GOV - 200
Digital Accessibility Administrative Directive - ANI-120
Fleet Vehicle Usage AD TRP-110
Hours of Work and Disconnecting from Work Policy - HRM-200
Advertising on City Property Policy COM - 120
Financing Policy FIN-150
Flag Policy GOV-150
Governing Policy for Corporate Policy Program GOV-100
Hours of Work and Disconnecting from Work Policy - HRM-200
Investment Policy FIN-210
Purchasing Card PUR-120
Use of Corporate Resources Policy GOV-120
Acceptable Methods of Payment 13.9.0
Accident Investigation 12.3.1
Advertising on City Property 14.5.2
Assessment Review 13.12.0
Automobiles for Council and Senior Staff 13.1.0
Budget Control 13.2.0
Care Custody Control Assets 13.4.1
Confidentiality 2.6.0
Conflict of Interest 2.2.0
Corporate Asset Management Policy
Corporate Health and Safety Policy 12.1.1
Council Office Protocol
Debt Management 13.2.5
Development and Education 7.2.0
Dress Code 2.4.0
Employee Assistance Plan 5.3.0
Employee Code of Conduct 2.1.0
Employee Group Plan 5.2.0
Employment of Related Persons Council 3.3.1
Expenses-Approval Requirements 13.3.0
Expenses-Business 13.3.1
Expenses-Mileage 13.3.2
Expenses-Petty 13.3.3
Expenses-Professional Membership 13.3.4
Eye Protection 12.5.1
FIN 110 - Councillors' Expense Policy Update
Governing Policy 1.1.0
Head Protection 12.5.3
Hours of Work 2.8.0
Inbound Sponsorship Policy 14.5.1
Inclusive Customer Service 14.12.1
Information Technology Use Policy 2.11.0
Insurance 13.4.0
Internal Financing 13.2.3
Inventory Valuation 13.5.0
Investment Policy 13.6.1
Job Sharing 2.9.0
Lease Financing 13.2.4
Lockout 12.4.3
Machine Guarding 12.4.9
Mayor and Councillors' Expense Policy 13.3.6 Effective Until Dec 1 2018
Mayor and Councillors’ Office Technology, Equipment and Furniture
Municipal Alchol Policy CMS-110
Municipal Alcohol Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy HRM- 110
Overtime Policy and Lieu Time 4.3.0
Parks and Open Space Naming
Payroll Deductions 4.2.0
Performance Appraisal 7.1.0
Probation and Evaluation 6.5.0
Prohibition of Smoking in the Workplace 2.5.0
Remuneration and Expenses Reporting for Elected Officials
Reporting and Resolving Health and Safety Concerns 12.1.2
Respectful Workplace Policy 1.3.0
Staff Attendance at Functions Policy 14.5.3
Stake Out 12.4.5
Statutory Benefits 5.1.0
Street Naming Policy
Travel Agency of Record 14.11.0
Travel and Education Related Expenses FIN-120
Trenching Shoring  Excavating 12.4.6
WHMIS 12.7.1
Work Refusal 12.1.3
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention 12.14.11
Workplace Inspection 12.2.1
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy - HRM 120
Workplace Violence Prevention 12.9.1