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Download Consolidated PDF of 200 Series Standard Drawings (Brampton on​ly)

20010/17/2013Minor Local 8.0m Pavement on 17.0m R.O.W.
20110/17/2013Local Road 8.0m Pavement on 20.0m R.O.W.
2025/13/2014Minor Collector or Industrial Road 10.0m Pavement on 23.0m R.O.W.
2032/7/2019Major Collector 14.0m Pavement On 30.0m R.O.W. with Multi-use Pathway on One Side
2042/7/2019Major Collector 14.0m Pavement on 26.0m R.O.W.
2052/7/2019Arterial Road 15.0m Pavement on 36.0m R.O.W.
2062/7/2019Parkway 2 - 8.0m Pavement on 36.0m R.O.W.
2072/7/2019Rural Residential Road 6.5m Pavement with Ditches on 20.0m R.O.W.
2082/7/2019Arterial Road Max. 22.5m Pavement on 36.0m R.O.W.
2092/7/2019Major Collector 17.0m Pavement on 30.0m R.O.W. 4 Lane with Bike Lane
2105/13/2014Rural Arterial Road 7.0m Pavement with ditches on 20.0m R.O.W.
2115/13/2014Grain Size Distribution Granular ‘A’, 'B' & 'B' Modified
2125/13/2014Grain Size Distribution 50mm & 20mm Crusher Run Limestone
2132/7/2019Minor Collector
2145/13/2014Residential / Industrial Cul-de-Sac 17.0m - 23.0m R.O.W.
2155/13/2014Road 'Elbow' Design
2162/7/2019Minor Collector Bike Lanes & 2.4m Parking Lane 12.5m Pavement on 24.0m R.O.W.
217 - 219Not in Use
220 - 222Not in Use
2232/17/2011Standard Subdrains
224Not in Use
225 - 226Not in Use
22712/1/2010Standard Concrete Walkway
2286/1/2020Sidewalk Design to meet Winter Operation Requirements
2295/30/2007Sideway Driveway Entrance Details
23011/1/2010Bullnose Details
231 - 234Not in Use
240Not in Use
2379/9/2013Standard Vehicular Access for Industrial, Commercial & Institutional
23812/23/2010Urban Entrance with Curb Face Sidewalk or Bicycle Path
23912/23/2010Urban Entrance with Boulevard
2412/7/2019Standard Intersection, Minor Collector or Industrial Road with Major Collector
2422/13/2012Standard Intersection, Collector Road to Collector Road
2432/13/2012Standard Intersection, Arterial Road to Arterial Road
2442/7/2019Standard Intersection, 4 Lane Divided Arterial Road to Various Roadways
2453/13/2019Daylight Triangle Dimensions
246 - 249Not in use
250Not in use
2513/9/1995Residential Inspection Chamber
2525/1/2015Trench Restoration Notes
2535/1/2015Trench Restoration Details
2543/1/2016Residential, Commercial, Industrial Access Restoration
255 - 259Not in use
2601/3/2020Concrete Bus Pad
26112/6/2007Bus Bay Dimensions for Standard 12.2m
262Not in use
26312/5/2007Transit Shelter Pad Electrical Conduit Layout
26510/31/2012Acceleride Bus Queue Jump and Bay Dimensions
26610/31/2012Typ Acceleride Concrete Bus Bay and Pad Detail Section
2676/12/2012Acceleride Bus Passenger Waiting Pad
2686/12/2012Acceleride Bus Shelter Pad Electrical Conduit Layout
2696/12/2012Acceleride Bus Passenger Pad Details
2706/11/1992Horizontal Control Brass Cap
2716/11/1992Horizontal Control Concrete Monument
2807/24/2015Tactile Walking Surface Indicator - Depressed Curb Detail
2817/24/2015Tactile Walking Surface Indicator - Curb Ramp Detail
2827/24/2015Location of Dropped Curbs at Controlled Intersections
2837/24/2015Controlled Non-Signalized Intersection Configuration of Pedestrian Crossings
2847/24/2015Signalized Intersection Configuration of Pedestrian Crossings

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