​​​​Sand and debris are swept from City roads during the spring and summer to keep streets and sewers clean.​ This prevents materials from clogging the storm se​wers, and provides a safe and clean driving surface.

During the Spring Sweeping Program; salt, sand, and debris accumulated ove​r the winter season are swept from all City of Brampton streets. The Spring Sweeping program includes:

  • All City-owned roads with a top coat of asphalt, including bridges, catch basins and gutters.
  • Hard-surfaced boulevards and medians.
  • Sidewalks and walkways plowed by the City during the winter.
  • Parking lots at City of Brampton Recreation Centres and other City facilities.
  • Country roads without curbs are flushed and/or swept as required.

The Summer Sweeping Program occurs from the end of the Spring Program to the Thanksgiving long weekend. Summer sweeping is broken down into three rounds:

Round 1
  • Sweeping arterial roads and industrial roads
Round 2
  • Sweeping arterial roads and industrial roads
  • Sweeping collectors
  • Sweeping Islands & Medians – Sweep & Flush
Round 3
  • Sweeping arterial roads and industrial roads
  • Sweeping collectors

 Spring Street Sweeping Map

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