​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​* See OP​SD Series at Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Website.
Download Consolidated PDF of 300 Series Standard Drawings (Brampton only)

300 - 309Not in Use
310 - 312Not in Use
31312/23/2010Catchbasin Adjustment with Dowels
314 - 319Not in Use
320 - 322Not in Use
3234/13/2011Precast Catch Basin without sump
3244/13/2011Sediment Trap Detail for Rear Lot Catch Basin
325 - 326Not in Use
32711/12/1991Inlet Control Devices, Sliding Type & Plug Type
328 - 329Not in Use
330 - 334Not in Use
335 - 339Not in Use
34011/1/1993Discharge and Velocity for Concrete Pipe
3414/21/1988Concrete Pipe Class Requirements
3424/13/2011Storm Sewer Design Sheet
3434/24/1992Rainfall Intensities Curves
344Not in Use
3454/13/2011Joint Use Trench Details - Hydro, Gas, Street Lighting & Communication
346 - 347Not in Use
3484/2/1997Grain Size Distribution, Bedding Stone and Sand Cover
349Not in Use
35011/1/1993Bedding for Concrete Pipe Class 'A' and 'AA'
351 - 355Not in Use
3562/7/1996Standard Connection Locations for Single Lots, Semi Lots & Street Townhouses
3573/9/1995Service Connections Detail for Quattro Units
358Not in Use
3595/30/2007Inlet Control Device/Restriction Pipe Installation Detail
3606/1/2008Standard Sewer Connections in Common Trench (Region of Peel Standard 2-4-4)

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