500Not in Use
5013/1/2017Street Lighting Service Entrance Overhead to Overhead, Overhead to Underground
5023/1/2017Street Light Installation on Distribution Pole
503CancelledStreet Light Installation on Distribution Pole 70FT
5044/1/2014Ground Plate Installation
5053/1/2017In Pole Breaker Installation
5063/1/2017Typical Wing Nut Hand Hole Connection
5074/1/2014Street Light Pedestal Installation
5083/1/2017120/240V, Dual-Pole in-Pole Breaker Installation
5093/1/2017Lashed Streetlight Secondary and Neutral Deadend Assembly
5104/1/2014Typical Round Street Light Pole Installation
5113/1/2017Street Light Pole C.S.A. Class ‘B’ 7.6m
5123/1/2017Street Light Pole C.S.A. Class 'B' 9.9m Round Pre-Stress Concrete
5133/1/2017Street Light Pole C.S.A. Class 'B' 12.2m Round Pre-Stress Concrete
5143/1/2017Street Light Pole C.S.A. Class 'D' 15.2m Round Pre-Stress Concrete
5154/1/2014Nostalgia Street Light Typical Installation on Nostalgia Concrete Pole
5163/1/2017Decorative Street Light Pole C.S.A. Class 'B' 9.9m Octagonal Concrete
5174/1/2014Decorative Street Light Bracket
5184/1/2014Pole Cap for Octagonal Street Light Pole
5194/1/2014H.P.S. Decorative Street Light Luminaire
5203/1/2017Communication Street Light Pole 9.8m Class B Specifications
5214/1/2014Communication Street Light Pole Installation
5224/1/2014Cove & Fluting Details Communication Street Pole
5233/1/20174.3m Downtown Street Light
5244/1/20145.8m Downtown Street Light Pole
5254/1/2014Installation of Concrete Base Pole and Anchor for Downtown Light Standard
5264/1/2014Warning Decal for Concrete Pole Cover Plate
5274/1/2014Communication Pole Luminaire
5284/1/2014Communication Pole Bracket
5293/1/2017Park Light Pole C.S.A Class ‘A’ 20 ft Round Pre-Stress Concrete
5303/1/2017Decorative Pole Installation 9.9m & 12.2m Typical Installation on Tenon Mount Concrete Pole
5316/1/202045' Direct Buried Pole
532-539Not in Use
5404/1/2014Street Light Supply O/H to U/G
5414/1/2014C-Lok Connector Installation
5424/1/2014C-Lok Handhole Connections for Street Light Poles
5433/1/2017Tenon Post Top Round C.S.A. Class 'A' 7.6m Pre-Stress Concrete Pole
5444/1/2014Street Light on 6.1m Aluminum Base Mounted Pole
5453/1/2017Ornamental Street Light Pole 6.1m Round Aluminum
5464/1/2014Base Mounted Pole Anchor Installation on a 17m R.O.W.
5474/1/2014Installation of Concrete Base and Pole Anchor
5484/1/2014Decorative Street Light on 7.6m Nostalgia Concrete Pole
5494/1/2014Trench Details
550 - 559Not in Use
560Not in Use
5614/1/2014Street Light/Driveway Installation
562 - 569Not in Use

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