​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City’s Zoning By-Laws map out city properties into zones according to land use​, such as resident​ial, commercial, and industrial. Zoning By-Laws also regulate what can be built on a property and how big it can be, such as the width of the driveway.​ No permit is required for driveway widening or resurfacing, such that the property owner adheres to the Zoning By-Law. See ​​list of licensed contractors for more information.

A permit is only required when a curb cut is being requested. Curb cut applications are accepted for homes in both assumed and unassumed subdivisions, as well as commercial and industrial properties.

The Zoning Department reviews applications for curb cuts and verifies whether driveway widening proposals comply with the By-laws. Once verified, the Public Works & Engineering Department will review the application and issue a Road Occupancy & Access Permit for a fee of $50.00 (for residential properties), if the curb cut is approved.

Why regulate driveway widening?

If front yards are covered with a driveway, there is less area for plants, trees and soil, called soft landscaping, which causes rainwater to run off into the storm water system rather than the ground and does not replenish the watertable. Larger driveways also result in less storage area for snow and the removal of on-street parking spaces.

Important Note: Residents who alter their driveways without adhering to the Zoning By-Law are subject to a fine and will be responsible, including for costs, to restore their driveway to its original or approved condition.

Completed applications, with an attached copy of the legal lot survey, are submitted to Zoning to verify compliance. Preparing a drawing of your proposal would also be of assistance in conducting a Zoning review. Staff will stamp and sign your application once Zoning By-Law compliance is verified.​

If you are unsure, or do not have a copy of your legal lot survey:

  • Check your original closing documents from when you purchased your home,
  • Contact Document Services in the Building Division, as they may be able to provide a copy,
  • Request a copy from the Peel Land Registry Office,
  • Contact your builder if you are in a new area, or
  • Contact an Ontario Land Surveyor to have a legal lot survey performed.

Once approved by Zoning, your stamped and signed application will then be reviewed by Public Works & Engineering. The application may then take a few more weeks to process. As part of the review process, a site inspection is required.

If your application is approved by Public Works, a Road Occupancy and Access permit will be issued and a list of qualified contractors will be provided to you. An inspection will be conducted after the completion date of the permit to ensure the modifications meet City of Brampton’s current standard.

If your application is not approved by Public Works & Engineering, you will be notif​ied in writing.​​​​​​​​

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