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The Goreway Drive Grade separation over the CN tracks is a joint project between the City of Brampton, City of Mississauga and CN Rail. Goreway Drive is currently functioning as a four-lane urban arterial roadway within the City of Brampton, and as a major collector roadway within the City of Mississauga. The roadway provides north-south connectivity for commuter, commercial and emergency service vehicles between the two cities. In addition, Goreway Drive crosses CN’s existing Halton Subdivision approximately 300m north of Brandon Gate Drive. Presently, there are three tracks in service to facilitate the movement of freight trains into and out of CN’s Brampton Intermodal Terminal located to the north of the Project Area (also referred to as the Study Area Corridor). The Halton Subdivision currently accommodates about 50 freight trains per day to the service industry.

The City of Brampton and the City of Mississauga are responsible for monitoring population and employment growth to determine the anticipated impact on their respective transportation networks and implementing the required improvements in a timely manner. In keeping with this responsibility, the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, as co-proponents, proposed to make requisite improvements to Goreway Drive within the Project Area to address the need for a grade separation at CN’s Halton Subdivision.

As part of its Capital Works program, the City of Brampton commenced construction under Contract T2022-181. Construction commenced May 2023 and anticipate completion December​ 2024. Goreway Drive between Brandon Gate Drive and Kenview Blvd. will be closed ten (10) continuous/consecutive months. Access to local residents and emergency vehicles will be allowed during construction. Please contact the City for any assistance.​​​​

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Atakan Sevilen, P. Eng.

Sr. Supervisor, Construction
Capital Works, City of Brampton
1975 Williams Parkway, Brampton, ON L6S 6E5
Phone: 905-874-5575, Cell: 647-291-5968, F: 905-874-2505
Email: atakan.sevilen@brampton.ca​​​