​​​​​​​​Noise Wall ​Requests

Noise wall petitions are subject to regulations set by the province. The Municipal Act, 2001​ established Local Improvement Regulations which provide a mechanism for projects (such as noise walls) to be funded jointly by the municipality and the benefitting property owners (O. Reg. 586/06​). Works administered under the Local Improvement Regulations can be initiated by municipal councils or begin with a request from the property owners.

The cost for new retrofit noise walls is split 50/50 between the affected homeowners and the City. For the replacement of existing noise walls, the City will cover 75% of the cost and the benefitting homeowners will cover the remaining 25%.

Noise wall requests that are initiated by residents follow the steps below:​​​

Contact Public Works and Engineering

Public Works and Engineering
Williams Parkway Operations Centre - 1975 Williams Parkway
Brampton, Ontario L6S 6E5
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