​​​​​​​Before you dig in Ontario, whether it's pl​anting a tree or building a fence, you must contact Ontario One Call​ (1-800-400-2255). Buried infrastructure must be clearly marked so that you can dig safely.


What does the paint mean?

There is buried infrastructure all over the province. Ontario One Call (1-800-400-2255) must be contacted before digging to have buried cables, pipes and wires located with coloured paint.

Locate Guide:

  • Red - Electric
  • Blue - Water
  • Orange - ​Communication
  • Purple - Irrigation, Slurry
  • Yellow - Gas, Oil, Steam
  • Pink - Temporary Survey Markings
  • Green - Sewer, Storm
  • ​White - Proposed Excavation
Ontario One Call Locate Guide, text above

​Why were locates requested?

Anyone can request utility markings from ON1Call, and requests can be made for many reasons. While there is no arguing that you own your private property, the infrastructure buried underneath is owned by either the City of Brampton, Region of Peel, or utility company. Learn more about jurisdictions around your home, here.

It is the policy of most organizations (including the City of Brampton) to notify you of any planned excavation, as ON1Call will not discuss locate requests with anyone but the person who requested the locate, an ON1Call member, or a third party investigative body/legal body.

If you are curious about locate paint on the City’s right-of-way (sidewalk, boulevard, edge of the lawn, etc.), you can contact Service Brampton​ 30 days after seeing the paint to learn more. Locates are usually requested well before a permit is submitted to the City, and the City will not know of any external construction until a permit application is submitted.​

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