Stormwater is the rain and melted snow flowing from our properties onto our streets, into the City's stormwater drainage system and ultimately into the environment. Stormwater picks up pollution as it runs across the ground, such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, oil/automotive fluids, and litter. Many residents, businesses and visitors in Brampton are not aware that pollution from older neighbourhoods flows directly into the environment, including Lake Ontario (our source of drinking water). The connection from our streets to the environment is invisible to the general public because the stormwater drainage system is mostly underground and out of sight.

"From Streets to Streams" - Catchbasin Art Project seeks to raise awareness of this underground stormwater system by drawing attention to its starting point - catchbasins - through art murals. Local Brampton artists are painting murals around catchbasins to raise awareness of the drainage connection from our streets to the environment and inspire pollution prevention to protect local waterways.

 Project Timeline

 Our Commitment to the Environment

The City aims to reduce waste where necessary and use upcycled materials for the painting process where possible.

To do our part in preventing pollution, catchbasin inserts are installed at each art mural location to capture and prevent eroded paint and other pollutants from entering the storm sewer system.

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