The City is initiating a watercourse restoration project in the neighbourhood of Evergreen Estates, Meadowview Subdivision, and Buldo Estates. The restoration project will remove sediment that has been captured in the watercourse since it was originally constructed in the early 1980s.


​The watercourses in the project are​a are part of the Salt Creek tributary within the West Humber Watershed. The watercourses start from Goreway Drive and travel through the residential neighbourhood to McVean Drive. The watercourses were built in stages between 1983 and 1993 to manage stormwater runoff from over 184 residential properties.

Project Overview

To prepare for this project, the City is conducting an Environmental Impact Study to assess the ecological system in the project area and provide guidance on how to mitigate ecological impacts during the future restoration project. This spring and summer, consulting staff will conduct wildlife and vegetation assessments by observing the project area during the day. A total of 3 night time surveys are also being planned from 30 minutes past sunset to midnight in order to document the presence/absence of any breeding amphibians. All field work will be conducted within the City’s easements along the watercourse.

Ultimately, the restoration project will remove dirt that has been captured in the watercourse since it was originally constructed in the early 1980’s. The project area is regulated by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) through O.Reg. 166/06. As such, the City is also seeking approval for this work from TRCA through a Routine Infrastructure Work permit before beginning the restoration project. After the dirt is removed from the watercourse, the project area will be restored with new vegetation following the recommendations of the Environmental Impact Study and TRCA criteria.​​

 Project Timeline

 ​​Watercourse Tour

A community Watercourse Tour is being planned for August 2023. Check this webpage for registration information.​

 Figure 1. Study Area

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