​​​​​Stormwater Pond Floating Treatment Wetlands

Floating treatment wetlands are human-built platforms that float in stormwater ponds. The wetland platforms are attached to the bottom of the pond and are covered with plants whose roots hang down into the water. Floating treatment wetlands help lower the water temperature and improve water quality in stormwater ponds while also supporting biodiversity and improving aesthetics. Check out the floating treatment wetlands at Christopher Stork stormwater pond located along James Potter Rd in the New Springbrook Neighbourhood.

Maintaining Floating Treatment Wetlands

Maintenance activities for floating treatment wetlands include the following:

  • Replacing plants that have died or been eaten by geese or ducks
  • Repairing fencing that prevents geese and ducks from accessing the wetlands
  • Inspecting and repairing the chains and ropes holding the wetland in place
  • Replacing any parts affected by seasonal damage (e.g. freezing in the​ winter and heat/UV​​ rays in the summer)​