​​​The Importance of Storm Sewer Maintenance

Preventative storm sewer maintenance helps protect the surrounding area by reducing the risk of storm sewer blockages. Blockages in a storm sewer can lead to widespread damage to the surrounding area. Preventative maintenance also helps protect the City’s stormwater drainage system from expensive repair costs in the future.

Preventative Maintenance Activities

The City’s preventative maintenance activities include:

Storm sewer flushing

A storm sewer is “flushed” with water to remove deposited materials on the sides of the storm sewer pipe. Flushing is especially important for storm sewers with shallow slopes because they are less self-cleaning than pipes with steep slopes. Flushing helps makes sure that the storm sewer continues to transport stormwater efficiently.

Removing materials from foundation drain collectors

Foundation drains are pipes that were built as part of the building foundation or basement floor to manage underground water. The foundation drains direct this water away from the basements and foundation walls. Foundation drains are commonly connected to the City's storm sewer or a separate foundation drain collector system. Soil, debris, and mineral deposits may accumulate in the drain collector system over time. Clearing out or removing material from foundation drain collectors helps maintain the flow of water and helps protect basements and foundation walls.