​​​​Inspecting Stormwater Ponds in Brampton

Regular stormwater pond inspections identify whether a pond needs to be retrofitted, maintained, or repaired according to current regulations for flood and water quality control. Brampton’s 180 stormwater ponds are inspected to look at the following:​

  • Fencing, safety station, and other safety measures
  • Inlet to and outlet from the pond
  • Depth of the sediment stored in the pond
  • Control valves, emergency spillways, and other important components
  • Pond vegetation
  • Pollution from litter or spills
  • Maintenance access routes

Maintaining Stormwater Ponds in Brampton

Stormwater pond inspections help determine the resources required for maintenance activities to appropriately allocate stormwater charge funds. A comprehensive stormwater pond maintenance program is key to protecting water quality in local rivers and creeks. Stormwater pond maintenance includes the following activities on an as-needed basis:

  • Removal of sediments, debris in and around the pond
  • Replacement of vegetation
  • Maintenance of structures such as gates and valves and surrounding vegetation
  • Bank stabilization​

To learn more about recent and ongoing stormwater pond maintenance activities visit the ​Recent and Ongoing Stormwater Projects webapge​.