​​​​​​​Inspecting Rivers, Streams, and Engineered Channels

More than 400 km of watercourses flow through Brampton. Watercourses include rivers, streams, and engineered channels. Watercourses are dynamic and will naturally move over time. They are also part of the City’s stormwater drainage system because they convey stormwater runoff during extreme rainfall events to keep people and properties safe from flooding.

Inspecting Watercourses

Inspections identify erosion and flood issues by looking for the following:

  • Blockages like trees/branches that may stop water from flowing
  • Bank erosion that washes away of the sides of streams and rivers
  • Beaver activity that may pose a flood risk
  • Sediment build-up (soil piling up where it should not be)
  • Structural problems like cracks or holes that may pose a flood risk (e.g., footbridges, gabion baskets, walls etc.)​

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