​​​​Service Levels

The Parks Maintenance and Operations Department at the City of Brampt​​on follows defined levels of service within our Parks and Open space system. The primary goal is to ensure consistency in the maintenance of our parks.

Sports fields: High profile fields are maintained to a higher level of quality than regular fields. These high profile fields will have little to no irregularities and they will often have irrigation systems. All sports fields will be inspected on a regular basis, which will include any lighting at these locations. Those sports fields that are not high profile will have routine maintenance which will sustain safety and playability. There are inspections done regularly on all city-permitted fields.

Winter Maintenance: Our goal is to plow and sand park recreational trails and easements within 48 hours of the completion of a snow event. There is no winter maintenance on non-paved recreational trails. Priority winter maintenance for the Parks Maintenance and Operations department are the Fire Station parking lots and recreation centre parking lots.

Playgrounds: All new playground installations must meet current CSA guidelines for playgrounds. The equipment will be inspected monthly to ensure it is fully functional, structurally sound, free of loose bolts or screws, sharp edges, protrusions, and deterioration.

Stoop & Scoop

The City of Brampton enforces the Traffic By-Law 93-93 regarding residents being prohibited from allowing their pet to foul City property. Also, the City’s Parklands By-Law 161-83 requires all animal owners clean animal waste from parkland – including boulevards. By cleaning up after your pet, we as residents are doing our part in helping to keep Brampton clean and green!

Photography in Parks

Brampton offers beautiful settings within our Parks for professional photography and wedding ceremonies. For these needs, residents will need to obtain a permit and schedule the event with the City of Brampton. For more information on the parks and availability, please contact the Rentals department by calling 3-1-1 or 905-874-BOOK (2665).

Parkland By-Law Quick Facts:

The Parkland By-Law provides the management, control regulations, maintenance and usage of all parklands and water areas situated within parklands and properties owned by The Corporation of the City of Brampton for park or recreation purposes. It is deemed desirable that the parklands and properties be maintained and controlled for the enjoyment and benefit of the citizens of the City of Brampton.

It is important that all residents and visitors of Brampton respect our parks and contribute in keeping our City clean and green.

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