​​​Starter Company Plus Program

Program Overview

The Starter Company Plus Program is specifically tailored for individuals aged 18 and over who are interested in expanding an existing business or purchasing a business in Brampton.

This program provides extensive support through personalized mentorship, advanced business training, and access to funding opportunities. Participants can benefit from expert guidance, enhance their business acumen, and obtain the resources needed to successfully grow or acquire a business within the dynamic Brampton community. Whether you are looking to take your current business to the next level or acquire a new venture, the Starter Company Plus Program offers the essential tools and support to help you achieve your business objectives.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and the Brampton Arts Organization aimed at empowering our creative entrepreneurs. This collaboration will ensure that our programs are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the creative community.

As part of this initiative, we are dedicating a minimum of 8 out of the 30 available grants to support creative entrepreneurs. This is a significant step toward promoting innovation and creativity within Brampton, providing vital resources and opportunities for artists and creative businesses to thrive.

Program Benefits

  • ​Comprehensive Business Training - Gain essential knowledge on topics like business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and legal considerations through structured workshops and seminars.
  • ​One-on-One Mentorship - Receive personalized guidance from experienced business mentors who can provide insight and advice tailored to your specific business needs and challenges.
  • ​Networking Opportunities - Connect with other entrepreneurs, through networking events and workshops, enhancing your business visibility and potential collaborations.
  • Funding Opportunities - Eligibility to apply for grants up to $5,000, providing critical financial support for business expansion or acquisition.
  • Marketing and Promotion Support - Assistance in developing effective marketing strategies and materials to increase brand awareness and customer reach.
  • Technology Support - Guidance on adopting new technologies and digital tools that can improve business operations and customer engagement.
  • Access to Market Research - Resources and support in conducting market research to better understand your target customers and competitive landscape.
  • Eligibility for Further Financing - Completion of the program may improve eligibility for further financing from banks and other financial institutions.
  • Ongoing Support Post-Program - Continued access to certain resources and mentorship even after the program concludes to ensure long-term success.
  • Priority Consideration for Future Opportunities - Participants may receive priority consideration for other local business opportunities and programs.
  • Visibility in Community - Opportunities for local media exposure and participation in community events, increasing public awareness of your business.


The program is delivered by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) for the Brampton & Caledon area and funded by the Province of Ontario. BEC is part of the City of Brampton’s Economic Development Office. Similar programs are available across Ontario through Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs).

For information about the program outside Brampton, visit the Small Business Entrepreneur Centres and Community-Based Provider Locations in Ontario.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Starter Company Plus Program in Brampton, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Resident of Ontario
  • 18 years or older at the time of application
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Not attending school full-time nor planning to return to school
  • Proposing to expand an existing business or buy a business in Brampton or Caledon
  • Commit a minimum of 35 hours a week to running a full-time business
  • Attend mandatory training and mentorship meetings
  • Not enrolled in other provincial employment or self-employment-related programs
  • Not concurrently enrolled in any other government-funded self-employment or entrepreneurship training/financing programs
  • Not have received a Starter Company Program or Starter Company Plus Program grant in the past
  • If applying as a business partner, confirm a minimum of 51% ownership
  • Provide proof of a 25% contribution of the potential program grant (up to $1250), in cash or in-kind contributions as approved by BEC

Business Requirements

Eligible businesses must:

  • Be an independent venture based in Brampton or Caledon
  • Not rely on commissioned sales
  • Be legally registered in Ontario
  • Not be a franchise
  • Operate at arm’s length from family businesses
  • Operate full-time (no part-time or seasonal businesses)
  • Maintain its own books and records
  • Have a Master Business License or Articles of Incorporation, or register business
  • Maintain a separate bank account
  • Comply with all government rules, regulations, and by-laws
  • Demonstrate a viable and sales-ready business plan at the time of funding

Priority Consideration

Priority is given to Brampton-based entrepreneurs starting or expanding main street businesses (e.g., retail, bars, restaurants, cafes) and professionals in the creative industries. BEC may also determine that a particular business is inappropriate for the program.

Mandatory Orientation Session

Before applying, you must attend a (one) mandatory orientation session, scheduled for August 8th, 2024 or September 5th 2024.

This session will cover:

  • ​Eligibility Requirements - It outlines who can apply for the program, including age and residency criteria, commitment to the program’s schedule, and status of the business prior to application.
  • ​Program Requirements and Expectations - Details about the nature of the program, including training and mentorship components, as well as the requirement to complete a business plan.

  • Program Training and Mentorship - A structured phase of the program that involves a 10-12 week training period with mandatory weekly assignments, culminating in the creation of a detailed business plan and financials.

  • Program Grant Opportunity - Information on how to apply for a grant of up to $5,000, including the need for a pitch video, a minimum business plan score, and financial contribution from the applicant.

  • Application Process - Steps to apply, including an online application form and subsequent steps like submitting a business plan and undergoing an assessment by a grant committee. (Application Due September 13th, 2024.​


Contact and Updates

For more information or to contact your local Starter Company Plus Program provider, visit here.

The Program Administrator (Daniel Bishun) for Brampton's Starter Company Plus, can be reached at daniel.bishun@brampton.ca

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