​​​​​​​About Advertising in Brampton

With close to 700,000 residents averaging 36.5 years of age, Brampton is one of the fastest growing and youngest cities in Canada. Our team can guide you with tapping into this vibrant market. Contact us today for a variety of advertising options that can fit your business goals and objectives.

Digital Screen Advertising Program

You can now advertise at The Gore Meadows Community Centre and Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre.

Both locations have recently been upgraded to include new digital screens throughout the facilities with advertising opportunities now available to the community. In total, 18 screens are available to display advertisements to connect and engage with Brampton residents about your products and services.

For all inquires, please email: sponsorbrampton@brampton.ca​ to book your space today.

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Ar​ena Board Advertising

​You can now advertise in Brampton arenas. Increase your brand presence in the Brampton community through our arena board advertising program. There is no chance your ad is not seen! Your advertising dollars go directly back to Recreation to support facility operations and programming for local residents.

​For all inquires, please email: sponsorbrampton@brampton.ca to book today.

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Brampton Transit

More than 31 million passengers used Brampton Transit in 2018. Target your customers on the move with a range of advertising options related to buses, transit shelters and benches.

A​bout Brampton Transit Advertising​