​​​​When making a claim against the City of Brampton for property damage related to City trees, there are several factors that are considered in determining the City’s responsibility. Some of these factors include:

  • Wh​ether there was any visible evidence of decay prior to the incident.
  • Whether the City was put on notice or was aware of the condition of the tree prior to the incident.
  • If the City was aware of the condition of the tree, whether the City’s inspection and maintenance activities were reasonable.

The mere fact that a City tree caused damage does not warrant automatic compensation from the City. An investigation will look into the history of the tree to consider all factors. It should be noted that the presence of internal decay in a tree discovered after a loss does not necessarily mean that the tree was unhealthy or that the City is responsible.

If the tree/limb failure occurred as a result of a storm event, then the City will not be responsible for your property damage.

To submit a claim, please follow the process outlined under Claim Notification Process.​