​​​​​​​​​​The City's Development Construction section provides construction supervision for all new subdivisions. Inspectors ensure that construction is performed according to the approved drawings and established standards.

Construction and maintenance of the sanitary sewers, watermains and fire hydrants are the responsibility of the Region of Peel.

Development Construction will:

  • Ensure underground and above ground works (roads, sidewalk, storm sewers, lot grading, noise walls, privacy fences, etc.) are constructed in accordance with the agreements and approved drawings.
  • Review and process requests for letters of credit reduction. Letters of Credit are reduced as works are completed.
  • Ensure sediment controls are in place for all new subdivisions. As part of this process, our group will review and issue Topsoil Removal and/or Fill Permits for all new subdivisions prior to construction of underground services.
  • Liaise with the Consultant Engineers to ensure the Developer completes all civil works.
  • Recommend the assumption of the new subdivision to Council when all of the Developer’s obligations are complete.​

Builder Information Manual

High-level requirements for subdivision builders.

Building Permits

Apply for building repeat and custom home building permits online

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Design Manual for Subdivisions

Policy standards and guidelines from subdivision design to assumption.

Development Construction Manual

Detailed and comprehensive subdivision construction procedures.

Development Design Guidelines (DDGs)

DDGs provide minimum design standards for all developers and builders planning, designing and constructing new communities in Brampton.

EIR/EIS Terms of Reference

Guiding protocol for Environmental Implementation Reports and Environmental Impact Studies

Fencing and Wall Standards

Subdivision and site plan requirements for fence design and construction.

Grading Permits

Fill/Grading permits ensure that surface drainage and lot grading features comply with City standards.

Site Plan Application Process

The Site Plan Review process examines design and technical aspects of a proposed development to ensure compliance.

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Tree Standards and Guidelines

Regulations and guidelines regarding trees and vegetation are listed here.

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