​​​​​Street Sweeping and Stormwater Management

The City removes leaves and debris from roads during the spring, summer, and fall using street sweepers to keep the streets clean and prevent debris from washing into storm sewers and the environment. Street sweepers are vehicles equipped with jets to spray the pavement with water to minimize dust while spinning brushes scrub the dirt into the path of a vacuum nozzle or into a storage container on the truck. Street sweeping keeps the City’s roads clean, improves road safety while driving, helps extend the life of the stormwater drainage system, and prevents pollution from entering local rivers and creeks. 

Removing Pollutants from Brampton Streets

​Each year the City’s street sweeping program removes approximately 2900 tonnes of debris, sand, and salt that would otherwise end up in the City’s stormwater drainage system. This amount of debris could fill the cargo bed of around 3200 large pickup trucks!