​​​​​​​​Use of Social Media by the Public

City social media accounts are publicly accessible and posts are visible to the public. For your own protection, please do not post any personal information about you or anyone else (including email addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers). Personal information posted to City social media accounts may be deleted without notice. Information on ​community guidelines for use of City social media accounts is available ​here.

Use of Social Media by Staff

the exception of photographs, City staff are prohibited from posting or sharing personal information on City social media accounts. Photographs that feature a member of the public may be posted or shared if the person in the photograph has provided written consent or if the photograph was taken at a public event where no expectation of privacy existed.

Guidelines for official use of social media are set out in an administrative directive. Questions about the City’s social media accounts may be directed to mediarelations@brampton.ca.

Authenticating to the City Website Using Social Media

Social media accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are provided by third parties who have their own terms of use, policies, procedures and privacy policies. When you use your social media accounts to authenticate to a City website, you do so at your own risk.

When you choose to authenticate to the City websites using your social media, the City will be able to see information contained within your public profile. The City collects and uses the email address and name that are associated with your social media account. The City will not otherwise use your personal information contained within your public profile (including your contact lists) without your knowledge and consent.​​​​​