​​​​​If you are seeking information on City programs and services or an answer to a question, you may contact Service Brampton at 311 (905-874-2000 if calling from outside of the City) or at 311@brampton.ca.

If you are seeking access to a City record, you should contact the department you believe has the record you are seeking. You may access a list of City department​s ​here. The Records Retention Schedule and the Registry of Personal Information Banks provide details on the types of records that may be available from the City and on the departments that maintain the records.

Once you locate the department that has the record you are seeking, staff from that department will be able to advise if the record is available to you through an established process and if fees apply.

If there is no established process to obtain the record you are seeking, or if the record contains confidential or personal information, it may be necessary for you to file a formal access to information request.​​​​​​​​